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Free alternatives for paid(propitiatory) software

Today software piracy has become a major topic in software industry. If we look for a propitiatory software we can find many cracked copies of the latest versions of propitiatory software from the internet. But if we use those things ultimately we steel someones hard work. Also by installing cracks, keygen,etc we are exposed to various security threats. Also it is against the law. Then what is the solution. today we have free alternatives for most of these paid software. Some of them are open source others closed source but free. If we use Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, Etc. almost all the software are free. But still the majority of PC users use Windows. So I'm going to discuss about some of the free software which can be used on Windows.
1.Antivirus Software Avast free antivirusAVG free Anitvirus, Zonealarm Etc.
2.Media Players You can play any video using Windows Media Player by installing K-Lite codec pack. Other standalone players are VLC Media PlayerKM …

Windows Mobile Mango. (Will it be delicious???)

Surely Microsoft rules the PC operating system market. There market share is more that 70%. But what about mobile operating systems? Surely Microsoft had to work hard because there are many competitors like Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, etc and their market share is way over than Microsoft's mobile platform Windows Phone. Their previous mobile platform Windows Phone 7 did not do notable difference in smart phone market. But now they have come up with a bang with their latest version Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Mango, officially Windows Phone 7.5, adds some 500 improvements to the Windows Phone 7 platform, according to the company. Windows introduced their revolutionary tile interface with Windows mobile 7 platform. Now they have gone a further step. They have made the Tiles extra dynamic which is called Live Tiles. As an example a live eBay tile can display how long there is left on an auction you are bidding for. This is a great example for a good user centered design.
With today&…

Using iReport plugin for Jasper Reports in Netbeans

Jasper reports is a very useful frame work for genarating reports, saving them as PDF,etc. iReport make it more easy because we can design reports using graphical methods from it. Also it is available as a plugin for NetBeans. You can download iReport Netbeans plugin from here. there are for files in the Zip folder. You can install them by at one by selecting all of them when you select the plugin to install from Netbeans (If you don't know how to install a plugin for Netbeans search for a tutorial). To use Jasper Reports in your application you have to add some libraries. But the problem is these libraries are heavily coupled with each other. So downloading each one is a very difficult task because there are problems like versions don't match, some libraries are outdated, etc.etc. There is a easy method. After installing the plugin Netbeans will automatically add the Jasper Reports library to its library collection. But it is missing one important library. So you have to dow…

Customizing lonex free joomla templates

There are many web sites which provide free Joomla templates. But many of these themes are ugly when compared to commercial themes. But I found this site which provides impressive free templates .

Most of the free joomla templates available on the web contains annoying links on the home page which are linked to their developers. But these can be removed with your HTML and CSS knowledge and using a tool like Firebug.

But the template which I downloaded from above site had none of above problems when I was developing the site in localhost. But the trtrouble started when I hosted it in the server. It shows a link says free blog templated which links to their site.

I tried to located the html code which contains this message using firebug. But I cannot found it in template files. So I decided that this is created by a php script.

After sme inspection i found the following code in templates index.php file.

<div id="ma…

How to transfer a JPEG file from client to server using sockets JAVA

I searched on Google about this topic few days back. But I could not found a complete solution.Finally I came up with a solution. These methods from my client and server class shows it.

Client Part

 public void uploadFile(File f){
         try {
                socket=new Socket("", 4000);
                BufferedInputStream in=new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(f));
                byte[] buffer = new byte[(int)f.length()];
      , 0, buffer.length);
                OutputStream os = socket.getOutputStream();
                os.write(buffer, 0, buffer.length);
            } catch (Exception e) {

Server Part

private void stroreFile() {
        try {
            byte[] mybytearray = new byte[1024];
            InputStream is = socket.getInputStream();
            FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("reciev…

How To show a splash screen in a GUI based JAVA program @ startup

Splash screens are essential things in todyas GUI softwares. We can use them to make our software attractive and show our details. This is how it's done.
First Create your splash screen as a image(eg-gif)
Then go to your netbeans or eclipse project folder of your GUI program, using Windows explorer or a similar software.
Find the file named and open it using a text editing software like notepad or gedit.
Add the following line to the end and save.
SplashScreen-Image: filename.gif Now copy and paste the splash screen (filename.gif) to the folder called src
Then build your project using netbeans or eclipse and create a jar file.
When you open your software by double clicking the jar file splash screen can be seen.
This worked on me in netbeans.