Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To show a splash screen in a GUI based JAVA program @ startup

Splash screens are essential things in todyas GUI softwares. We can use them to make our software attractive and show our details. This is how it's done.
First Create your splash screen as a image(eg-gif)
Then go to your netbeans or eclipse project folder of your GUI program, using Windows explorer or a similar software.
Find the file named manifest.mf and open it using a text editing software like notepad or gedit.
Add the following line to the end and save.
SplashScreen-Image: filename.gif
Now copy and paste the splash screen (filename.gif) to the folder called src
Then build your project using netbeans or eclipse and create a jar file.
When you open your software by double clicking the jar file splash screen can be seen.
This worked on me in netbeans.

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