Saturday, October 15, 2011

Windows Mobile Mango. (Will it be delicious???)

Surely Microsoft rules the PC operating system market. There market share is more that 70%. But what about mobile operating systems? Surely Microsoft had to work hard because there are many competitors like Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, etc and their market share is way over than Microsoft's mobile platform Windows Phone.
Their previous mobile platform Windows Phone 7 did not do notable difference in smart phone market. But now they have come up with a bang with their latest version Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Mango, officially Windows Phone 7.5, adds some 500 improvements to the Windows Phone 7 platform, according to the company. Windows introduced their revolutionary tile interface with Windows mobile 7 platform. Now they have gone a further step. They have made the Tiles extra dynamic which is called Live Tiles. As an example a live eBay tile can display how long there is left on an auction you are bidding for. This is a great example for a good user centered design.

With today's fast paced life styles multitasking is a crucial thing even in a phone. Windows phone 7.5 comes with improved multitasking capabilities which makes you life easy. As an example users simply press and hold down the back key to bring up a webOS-like view of the five most recent apps opened. Then they can then scroll through these apps and tap one to switch back to it.

Windows phone 7.5 comes with HTML5 support. So the users are able to get the maximum use of Web. Also Bing search comes with new features like Music search, and Vision search, which uses your phone's camera to look up product info. Also it includes apps like Local scout, Mall map and Driving directions which provides improved map facilities.

When we are talking about a phone its all about connectivity. Windows mobile introduces whole set of new features which brings connectivity to a new level. So it is called as a People-centric design. Let's see some of the new features which makes your phone People-Centric. In Windows Phone 7.5 threads has introduced to email and messaging.  The whole conversation stays in one thread and you can go through with easily with your finger tip.

Also it let you to group the people you are communicating with. E.g.- Family,Friends,Etc.So you can  send quick texts, emails, or IMs to the whole Group. Also by pinning a group you can see their updates instantly. Also they have linked Twitter and Linked in social networks to their mobile platform with this update.

Another rocking feature in Windows mobile mango is it gives more voice based control capabilities. Now you can send a text message with your hand and eyes free. Also your phone can read texts to you. 
There are thousands of applications which available for this plat form. you can browse and select the apps you wants by just visiting the Windows market place. Ass a example you can do your office stuff on the go with Microsoft Office App for Windows mobile.

Not only users developers like me will get benefited with this new platform.  Developers can built more richer apps with new features with this new platform. Also they can sell their apps in the windows Marketplace.

Here we only discussed about few major improvements in Windows phone platform when it comes from Windows phone 7 to Windows phone 7.5 Mango. But there are hundreds of other features too. With these changes Microsoft will be able to do a huge difference in Smart phone in the coming time. So why not give a try????????


  1. Even though Mango looks good as a whole; but the appstore of Android is much more larger and has a big impact on all the mobile OS's as I think.

  2. Yes, that's today's situation. But few years ago Android was nowhere. But today it dominates a huge percentage of Smart phones. Like that technologies change rapidly. So we can not predict the future. Windows mobile has begun to catch the market slowly with it's cool features. So there is a possibility that windows phone take over the place of Android within few years.