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Free alternatives for paid(propitiatory) software

Today software piracy has become a major topic in software industry. If we look for a propitiatory software we can find many cracked copies of the latest versions of propitiatory software from the internet. But if we use those things ultimately we steel someones hard work. Also by installing cracks, keygen,etc we are exposed to various security threats. Also it is against the law. Then what is the solution. today we have free alternatives for most of these paid software. Some of them are open source others closed source but free. If we use Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, Etc. almost all the software are free. But still the majority of PC users use Windows. So I'm going to discuss about some of the free software which can be used on Windows.
1.Antivirus Software Avast free antivirusAVG free Anitvirus, Zonealarm Etc.
2.Media Players You can play any video using Windows Media Player by installing K-Lite codec pack. Other standalone players are VLC Media PlayerKM …