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Creating a Pentaho BI server cluster

Note - This is applicable to Pentaho BI server community edition 5.x only.

Pentaho BI server provides a large set of features which are essential for  BI applications. To use this in production we might need to create a CDA cluster to maintain high availability as well as load balancing.
To create a cluster we need to configure BI server instances to use a common data source to store configurations. I configured the following setup for this.

Follow these steps to create the cluster.

Install MySQL servers and setup master master replication.Make sure you have installed Oracle Java 7 in all nodes. Using other java versions will cause runtime errors.Follow this document to to install a CDA instance. Make sure to follow the document named "Install with Your Own BA Repository" and follow the configurations related to MySQL. Start the server and install all the components needed.Modify the cluster documentation as mentioned in this document.…