Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free alternatives for paid(propitiatory) software

Today software piracy has become a major topic in software industry. If we look for a propitiatory software we can find many cracked copies of the latest versions of propitiatory software from the internet. But if we use those things ultimately we steel someones hard work. Also by installing cracks, keygen,etc we are exposed to various security threats. Also it is against the law.
Then what is the solution. today we have free alternatives for most of these paid software. Some of them are open source others closed source but free.
If we use Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, Etc. almost all the software are free. But still the majority of PC users use Windows. So I'm going to discuss about some of the free software which can be used on Windows.

1.Antivirus Software

2.Media Players
You can play any video using Windows Media Player by installing K-Lite codec pack. Other standalone players are VLC Media PlayerKM Player,  GOM Player, Etc.

3.Office Suite.
Openoffice and Libre Office are the leading free office suites in the market. Though this is a free product this can be used as a good alternative to Microsoft office.

4.Maintaining your PC
As maintaining a vehicle a PC must be maintained to get the maximum performance. If we use a software like Advanced System Care we don't have to worry about maintaining the PC. The software will do it for you.

5.Managing and editing your Images
Google's Picasa is the best choice for managing your images and simple image editing tasks.

6.Web Browsing
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the world's best browsers. You can try both and choose the best one by yourself!

7.CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Burning
You can use Burnaware Studio for this.

8. Audio Editing
Audacity is the best product for this.

9.Video Editing
Windows movie maker is the best product for this. This is included in Windows Live Essentails software package which is a free product.

10.E-mail client
Mozilla Thunderbird is the most widely used free e-mail client.

11.Zip Utility
7 zip is a free utility to create and open archive files like zip and rar.

You can use Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive to backup your important files in the cloud. Then you will be able to access them from anywhere.

Hope this will be useful.
Note-There are many other free software which are not mentioned here. Just do a Google search to find them.

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