Friday, February 21, 2014

Integrating an actor system with Play framework (A distributed message classifier with and Play framework)

Recently we developed a distributed message classifier. This can process rapid burst of text (email, twitter feeds, etc) and get results.

To implement the processing part we used which is an event based distributed framework. Currently to analyse messages we use a web service. But any other processing mechanism (local or remote) can be easily plugged to this.
After implementing the core we needed to publish messages to the applications using REST. To do that we integrated it with Play Framework. Also I developed an admin panel using MVC features provided by it.
While integrating the existing actor system with play framework several conflicts occurred. One reason for this was Play framwork internally uses an actor system too. So I had to do several tweaks and change some configurations. I am not going to discuss each of them here because it will be too lengthy. This is the URL to our git-hub repo You can fork it and see those by your self. It has a very descriptive user guide and wiki which explains from architecture to UI. Hope this will be useful to starters who are trying to get familiarized with and Play framework.

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